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Homes left vacant after an eviction, deceased estate or aged care relocation can present a stressful issue for family members, executors or property owners. Clearing and preparing a property for lease or sale can be complex, time consuming and physically and emotionally demanding. Who will help when the time comes?

Property clearance

At WA Transition, we manage entire home clearance projects. From decluttering to disposing, donating, recycling, storing or arranging the sale of any items of value, our tailored end-to-end service takes care of all the details including:

  • Delivery to Auction Houses;

  • Delivery to Charities and Not-For-Profits;

  • Delivery to Beneficiaries;

  • Removal of all waste and junk;

  • Packing of valuables; and

  • Storage Solutions.

Our comprehensive clearance reports provide detailed outcomes of our work, including check list of completed tasks for accountability. For peace of mind, you will be give full details of where each item was delivered or disposed of and any inventory., resources and third-party service used. You’ll also receive prompt payment of proceed for items sold at auction.

Property refresh

Once cleared, you may wish to prepare the property for sale or lease. WA Transition can manage the refresh of the property to reach a minimum lease standard or beyond. All projects are electronically managed with live reporting, enabling you to monitor progress and approve quotes from any location. Our refresh service offers:

  • Detailed Property Condition Reporting;

  • Scope of Work Preparation;

  • Project Management of Trades;

  • Selection of Property Manager; and

  • Fast and Quality Result.

Why Choose Us

With our own highly trained teams, trucks processes, safety systems and insurances, every transition project is delivered effectively and efficiently. Clients are always surprised at the care, professionalism and speed of our service.


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