Clearance & Disposal

Often there is a scenario where a building is required to be cleared either for sale or lease. This could be the result of a liquidation, a tenant being vacated or a closure.

We act on behalf of the building owner, liquidator or property manager to provide a quick solution so that the building can be leased, or sold, as soon as possible, or that the liquidation can quickly move to the next phase. Services may include project management, physical skilled labour, waste removal, item relocation, item storage, security hire, asset listing and more.

Dependent on the building, or lease requirements, we may also have to call on our specially chosen subcontractor network where required, which includes handy work, carpentry, re-decorating, professional cleaning, pest control and security systems. 

We provide a turn key, one stop solution for physical asset management through safe working practices, a recylcing policy and a strict Code of Conduct.

For all clearance and disposal enquiries please contact Ben directly on 0406 443 533.