WA Transition provide defit and make good services for many small to large organisations across Perth including government departments, not-for-profits, shops, restaurants and large commercial property managers.  



At the end of a commercial tenancy there is often a need to remove all furniture and furnishings that have been added by the tenant for their business. WA Transition tailor a solution and mange the strip out of the premises or space, working with the tenant or landlord to efficiently and effectively return the property or space back to its original pre lease layout and remove all unwanted items. 

This service cover shops, restaurants, offices and industrial premises. 

This may include the strip back of plumbing, electrical, carpentry, tiling, furniture, appliances and much more. We also aim to recycle as much as possible to avoid the impact on the environment. Services include:

- Full Project Management

- Remove all waste and junk.

- Pack Valuables.

- Provide Storage Solutions.

- Qualified personnel to disconnect and make safe services. 

- Delivery to Auction Houses.

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make good

After a defit has occurred there is often a requirement to make good the premises or space for hand over to the landlord or so it can be leased/ sold soon after.

WA Transition work with the tenant or landlord to determine, usually defined by the lease, what works must be conducted at the premises to secure a smooth handover. We produce a property condition report which converts into a scope of works.

Works may include: 

- Electrical Check & Compliance

- Plumbing Check & Compliance

- Fire Check & Compliance

- HVAC Check & Compliance

- De Branding Works

- Pest Control, Office Clean, Handyman Works, Roof Plumbing, Painting,  and more.

We manage the lot, so you don't have too.


building maintenance

WA Transition can provide and resource a maintenance schedule for your premises. This ensures that your property or space is kept compliant throughout the tenancy.

Required maintenance checks include fire, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, gutters, pest control and more.

Pigeon poo removal and control is also one of our core maintenance services which allows the customers HVAC areas to be kept clean and clear limiting poor air quality. Organise a FREE inspection and quotation by calling (08) 6278 1538.

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