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For commercial organisations, WA Transition manages property change to reduce disruption and protect your operational efficiency. We work with multiple sectors including retail, hospitality, office, government and industrial environments.

property Defit

At the end of a commercial tenancy, WA Transition manages the strip out of the premises to remove furnishings, fittings, and unwanted items. We work with landlords or new tenants to quickly return the property to pre-lease standards. Our comprehensive services can include strip back of plumbing, electrical carpentry, tiling, furniture, appliances and more, with:

  • Full Project Management;

  • Clear, Dispose or Recycle Waste and Junk;

  • Pack Valuables;

  • Provide Storage Solutions;

  • Supply Qualified Personnel to Disconnect and Make Safe; and

  • Deliver to Auction Houses.

property Make GOOD

Remedial or make good services may be required when returning a premises to the landlord, leasing or selling. We work with the tenant or landlord to determine works required to secure a smooth handover in accordance with the lease conditions. Our tailored services can include:

  • Property Condition Reporting;

  • End of Lease Gap Analysis;

  • Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Safety, HVAC Check & Compliance;

  • De-Branding Works; and

  • Pest Control, Office Clean, Handyman, Roof Plumbing and Panting.

Building Maintenance

To keep your property compliant and healthy throughout your tenancy, WA Transition can provide and resource a building maintenance schedule including fire safety, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, gutters, pest control, pigeon waste removal and more.

Why choose us?

At WA Transition we provide consistent quality commercial transitions using our own highly trained teams and fleet. Our experience, processes, safety systems, and insurances allow us to deliver a renowned standard of service, minimising disruption and protecting your commercial asset.


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