Case Study 2: Repossession and Make Good

WA Transition were contracted by our client, the Real Estate Agent, to asset list, pack, relocate store and make good the premise for sale by the bank. The project took 6 days total.



The property held mainly waste and junk but WA Transition performed an asset listing, packed everything into boxes and relocated to storage.

Clearance Specific:

  • 1.7 tn of items were relocated to storage.

  • 75 boxes were packed.

  • The listing, packing and relocation took 1 full day.

  • Storage for 60 days.


In order to get this property leasable, we had to first perform a full property condition report which determined the full extent of the works required. This allowed WA Transition to produce a scope of works document to the Real Estate Agent with costs for approval.

The client agreed to the scope of works and the project begun quickly as there was a approaching cut off time.

Work was completed in 5 days included:

  • Full deep grout & tile clean to bathroom and kitchen.

  • Painting and handyman works.

  • Full electrical check, new smoke alarms and re wiring.

  • Painting to certain areas.

  • Deep internal clean vacate clean.

The keys were handed in + 6 days so that the twilight pictures for sale could commence. The Agent could not believe the change.